Welcome to Stir

We are a school catering company that loves food, encourages a community spirit, and has a mission to put pride back into school kitchens across the UK.

Why Stir?

Founders Deborah and James created Stir to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our future generations; Both are parents to school age children and are passionate about nourishing minds in a sustainable way.

Choosing Stir, means partnering with a business that is operated by its owners. Deborah, James and the Stir team take great pride in the food they serve and the people they employ. We will always have a mission to transform lacklustre catering services and the dining experience for all children and school staff.

Stir Food connects communities, encourages tasty discussion and creates a sense of togetherness.

Let’s eat, together

Stirring Up School Dining

Menus with character that stand apart from others and provide a talking point at lunchtime with pupils and students of any age.

Food that stands out from the crowd with fantastic flavour and beautiful presentation – creating a stir in the dining room in a fun and exciting way.

Tailored For You

We pride ourselves on serving food that matches your school’s needs and expectations. We do this by offering great choice, balanced nutrition, value for money and an open, honest partnership with you.

We want to be an integral part of your school community creating an alliance based on trust and collaboration.

Exceeding Standards

Our standards are exacting, there is no compromise. We take care to develop and motivate our teams so they are equipped to deliver the best food possible to your pupils.

We support our supply chain partners to ensure they provide the best quality ingredients that are regionally and sustainably sourced, giving you confidence that the right choices are being made and that waste is reduced.